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Using Live Text

Live Text is a really great feature for a few reasons, it can read hand written and printed words and they are searchable once read. The hand written feature does also read cursive hand writing, but it is prone to some errors. Say that you jotted down a list of things you needed for a project or shopping list. Live Text can read that list and copy the text into any other application. If you are having issues with Live Text or other issues use our website to make an appointment for help.

Applications for Live Text

For instance, if your having trouble finding particular items across multiple shelves of books, labeled boxes, or anything else? If they are clearly identified with a text name, take carefully composed photos that capture all the titles without glare. At this point you can search for any text in those photos to find them. On an iPhone or iPad tap the Search button in Photos. On a Mac use the Search field in Photos. Photos highlights the search term on the found photo. Quick instructions on using Live Text are here on the Apple website.

Live Text can be a real great help, whether you are reading and copying small print into a document or want to turn you hand written notes into text and it can even translate text. One thing that we also found was that if Photos on the Mac doesn’t surface an expected photo, try again on your iPhone. which seems to get more hits on harder-to-read text. This capability comes courtesy of Apple’s Live Text feature, which uses machine learning to identify text in photos.