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For consecutive years, MacEdge has been awarded the Premium Service Provider designation by Apple. Premium Service Providers have been recognized by Apple for providing exceptional service and must meet the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of service.

MacEdge is the only Apple Premium Service Provider on the Seacoast.

Mac Repair

For over twenty years, the Apple-Authorized service department at MacEdge has been repairing Macs both in and out of warranty. MacEdge is recognized by Apple as a Premium Service Provider for outstanding quality of service and customer satisfaction. All of our technicians are Certified by Apple, and must qualify on every new Apple product. Our lead technician has been recognized by Apple multiple times as one of the best in the entire northeast. You can be confident that we will fix it quickly and correctly. 

iPhone / iPad / iPod Repair

We can provide many services for iPhone in-store. For iPad and iPod (and some iPhone) repairs, we offer whole-unit replacement from Apple. So if you broke your screen, not only do you get a new screen, but a new housing and battery and the whole unit has a 90-day warranty from Apple so you can be confident that you won’t have any further problems.

Yes, we do upgrades!

Make the most out of your existing Mac by adding RAM or upgrading to a larger or faster hard drive or SSD. Please stop in with your Mac so we can give you your options!

Things to know before bringing in your Apple product for service:

Check your warranty status HERE / Know your admin password  / Backup your data

The average turn-around for Mac repairs is 3-4 business days.

The average turn-around for iOS device replacement is 1-2 business days.