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Streamlabs, a provider of live streaming tools, just announced that it has expanded its software to now work on Apple Computers.

Streamlabs is a free, open source beta, allowing live streamers on an Apple Computer to access customization tools for creating professional broadcasts, engaging with audiences, and monetizing content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, and other streaming platforms. According to Streamlabs, its goal was to build powerful streaming software for Mac that blends a user-friendly interface with an innovative feature set.

Streamers will have access to tools like the Auto Optimizer, which analyzes internet speed and computer hardware for the best setting recommendations for each person’s setup. There’s also an import settings option for letting live streamers transfer settings from other broadcasting software. Monetization options include customizable donation alerts, widgets to improve viewer participation, more than 250 free overlay themes, integrated chat, and a merchandise store. There are also a number of other features such as video encoding optimization for reducing CPU usage, selective recording, and moderation tools.

For more information visit: Streamlabs.com