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Select Text (That are not next to each other)

There is a new way to select text in Pages! The latest versions of the Mac and iPad apps in Apple’s iWork suite have gained a helpful feature: non-contiguous text selection. By holding down the Command key, you can select chunks of text that aren’t next to each other. For example, imagine you want to make the first part of each item in a bullet list bold. Instead of bolding each one separately, hold Command as you work to select all of them. Then apply bold to the entire selection with a single command. Non-contiguous selection is particularly helpful when applying formatting, but you can also copy non-contiguously selected text or work with it in nearly any way you would interact with a contiguous text selection. While holding down Command, you can double-click to select words or triple-click to select paragraphs.

If you need help selecting text in pages with your device or want to get a new one make an appointment and let MacEdge help. Apple also has a great resource for you to look at here.