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Surprises are for birthdays, not tech problems!
Applying our business-grade tools from EdgeProIT, we have developed a comprehensive support solution for our home users. Introducing Edge|Care. It’s like having a miniature tech inside your computer keeping an eye on everything!
  • Device management
We enroll your Mac in enterprise-grade management tools which allow us to manage software, updates, and security.
  • Monitoring Alerts

Our state-of-the-art monitoring tool keeps an eye on the health of your Mac and sends alerts to our support team if something is amiss.
  • Malwarebytes

This industry-leading anti-virus and anti-malware tool removes and protects your Mac from malicious software that might accidentally get installed.
  • MacManage app

This software allows you to install known-safe third-party applications, access support scripts, and submit support requests to our team.
  • Best Practices & Tips

When you enroll, not only do you get our tools, we provide recommendations of other tools and resources for a safer experience.
  • Email & Remote Support

You get access to our support team without having to visit the store! Remote Support is exclusively available to our Edge|Care customers.*
Safety and security from the
experts you trust at MacEdge
(single user)
*Limited to one remote support incident per month.