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New iMac models announced. Stayed tuned for special deals on previous models.

Hello, Seacoast neighbor. For more than two decades we’ve been helping folks get the most from their Apple products.

Unlike some “Retail” stores, and stores that just want you to “Buy”, MacEdge is here to help. We solve problems, fix Apple products when they break, and help you get the most from your Mac (or iPad).


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Getting Ready to Buy


Deferred Interest Financing Option.
Up to 12 months with nothing due upfront


Trade-in your current Mac towards the purchase of a new one.
Credit is applied instantly, no shipping, no waiting.

Exclusive Options


Add complete coverage to your Mac with AppleCare plus Edge|Protect accidental damage protection.


Surprises are for birthdays, not computer service.

Getting More


In our brand new Training room, you can learn about your Mac or iOS device.


One on One personal help sessions to solve more complex issues, configure your devices, or help you learn about specific topics.

Say hello to some of our favorite brands!

Due to incredible demand (thank you!) we are now recommending service appointments to reduce wait times in-store.