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Night Shift

Using Night Shift on your Mac may help you sleep easier when working late at your computer. Here at MacEdge we know that sometimes you have to work late. Research suggests that exposure to blue light fools your body into thinking it’s daytime. This makes it harder to fall asleep if you work late on a Mac with a bright white (which has a lot of blue light) screen. The feature in MacOS, subtly changes the colors of the screen as the sun sets to reduce the amount of blue light hitting your eyes. In essence, everything gets slightly warmer.

Configuring Night Shift

To configure your Night Shift schedule—so it turns on and off automatically—go to System Settings > Displays > Night Shift. You can set any times, but Sunset to Sunrise adjusts for the sun’s movement in your location throughout the year. Here in New Hampshire since the difference between winter and summer is so great having is set to automatic is a good idea. One warning: if you edit photos or videos, or work on graphics where specific colors matter, color changes may be problematic.

So if you are having issues with falling asleep when you have those late nights, try this out! Let us here at MacEdge know if its made a difference in your late night computing. If you are having other issues reach out on our website to make an appointment.