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Verizon has officially announced the new Silence Junk Callers feature. It’s available for free to all Verizon customers and is auto-enabled in iOS 14. To protect yourself from spam and junk calls, open your iPhone and click on Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification. Verizon customers can also download the carrier’s Call Filter app to get even more information on incoming calls.

Apple launched the ability to silence unknown callers with iOS 13 but the trouble is that it doesn’t differentiate between spam calls and a legitimate caller who isn’t in your contact list. So if you forget you have it turned on, you can easily miss important calls.

Verizon’s Call Filter software is able to offer a better experience with spam detection, filtering, a personal block list, and more. And now it’s offering the ability to silence junk calls so they don’t bother you at all. It works by identifying spam calls and sending them directly to voicemail without ringing your phone. This feature is now available when you upgrade to iOS.

As Verizon continues its work to battle spam calls it says it is “authenticating billions of calls each month between more than a dozen providers using STIR/SHAKEN technology and continues to lead the way on robocalling efforts for the industry.”

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(Featured image and text: Michael Potuck on 9to5mac.com)