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Value-Added Services

Data Migration

Let our experts handle the heavy lifting for you! We’ll seamlessly transfer all your cherished photos, important documents, and favorite applications to your new system, ensuring nothing gets left behind. With our professional touch, you’ll avoid the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Choose our service for a worry-free transition to your brand new Mac, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your digital life is in safe hands!

Concierge Setup

Need help moving your stuff? Too busy to do it yourself? We can help! Our staff can perform your migration, do Apple software updates, check the Apple apps to make sure they work and have your data, and then update any app libraries (like Photos) if needed. Any old applications that aren’t compatible with the current macOS version will be removed. We will also run a malware scan and cleanup for you.

If you opt for Concierge Setup, we will also check any non-Apple apps you may be using. We will then schedule you for your one-on-one session where we will go over any other needs you have and further customize your setup. 

Data Recovery

If your computer won’t boot anymore, our data recovery services can be a lifesaver, retrieving vital documents and cherished memories that seem lost. For external hard drives that stop working, we specialize in extracting data that might otherwise be inaccessible, ensuring you don’t lose important files. In cases where your computer has been dropped or had a spill, our expert team is skilled at salvaging data from physically damaged devices, giving you a chance to recover what you thought was gone for good. And for the absolute worst case scenarios, we partner with one of the best hardware recovery companies in the industry, DriveSavers.

Trade-In Program

Trading in your Apple product is a smart move for both financial and environmental reasons. Financially, it provides you with credit towards the purchase of a new device, making the latest technology more affordable. Environmentally, it supports sustainability and reuse. Credit is applied in-store directly to the purchase of your new device.

Free Recycling

If you device is broken or has no value, we can recycle for you at no charge. If your device works and would like it securely erased before recycling, that service is available for a reasonable fee.