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Disable Predictive Text

In a world of generative AI: Apple added inline text prediction capabilities to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Predictive text can be helpful, particularly on the iPhone and iPad, where it is easier to tap the Space bar than to finish typing a word or sentence. That is less true on the Mac. A fast typist can be slowed down or derailed by the suggestions of predictive text. The feature is easily turned off. On the iPhone and iPad running at least iOS/iPadOS 17.2, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and switch off Show Predictions Inline. (Leave Predictive Text on to continue to get suggestions above the keyboard.) On the Mac running macOS 14.2 Sonoma or later, open System Settings > Keyboard, click Edit under the Text Input header, turn off “Show inline predictive text,” and click Done. If you miss text prediction, you can always turn it back on. If you need other help we are glad to help! Please make an appointment at MacEdge here in Portsmouth, NH.