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Get Yourself A Podcast Setup

So you have been wanting to do a podcast and need a basic podcast setup to do so. If you start looking into all the options for equipment that you can use for podcasting you may easily find yourself overwhelmed. Maybe we can help. Here at MacEdge we have two easy options for you to get started. So let’s get your basic podcast setup started.

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio Kit

We recommend this simple and versatile kit for most of our customers, even for songwriters. All of the essentials and more in the PreSonus Audio iTwo kit make it our goto for a basic podcast setup. It has two composite jacks for voice or instruments as well as MIDI input and output and comes with a high quality microphone and headphones. It is compatible with your Mac or with iOS devices. You may need a USB adapter for your computer to connect to the AudioBox iTwo. You will find that it works well with GarageBand, but also comes with a professional audio application called Studio One for fine tuning your podcast. Check out more on the product page for the PreSonus AudioBox Kit.

Presonus              PreSonus Revelator              PreSonus AudioBox iTwo

PreSonus Revelator

You only need a microphone that is super versatile, the PreSonus Revelator is perfect for you. So this unit is great for voice and guitar recording, think demo on the quick. Grab your guitar and start getting that idea down without a bunch of setup. You don’t even need to use an external mixer or interface for this, USB only. The Revelator acts as microphone, interface, mixed, effects processor and headphone amp all in one. The Revelator also comes with access to the Studio Magic Suite, giving you tons of options to make your recordings sound magical.